Training Programs

Masterclass on Exchange-Traded Derivatives ETDs


This masterclass will be offered by knowledge partner for the conference - New York Institute of Finance.


Overview of the Economic and Financial System

The Market for Real Assets & Services
The Market for Financial Assets
International Market Integration

Synopsis of Derivatives Markets
Definitions & Concepts
Why Derivatives?
The Role of Derivatives Markets
Risk Management
Price Discovery
Market Efficiency  
Speculation vs. Hedging
Asset & Liability Management/ALM

Features And Benefits of ETDs

OTC vs. ETD Trading  
Listing Requirements  
Presence of Intermediary
Easy Offsetting
Rules & Regulations
Market Depth  
High Liquidity
Low Counterparty Risk
Market Participants
Types of Exchange-Traded Derivatives
Stock/Equity Options
Fundamentals of Equity Calls & Puts
Stock Options’ Trading Strategies
Equity Index Futures
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)

Mechanics of Trading Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETDs)

Opening and Closing Transactions
Market Makers
Floor Brokers
The Order Book Official
Margin Requirements
Short Selling
Order Placing
Types of Orders
Trading Strategies
The Role of the Clearinghouse
Role of Commercial Banks as Clearing Members
Risks of Trading Exchange-Traded Derivatives



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