Training Programs

Equity Strategies

Understand the mechanics and risks of short selling.

Explore the role of securities lending in facilitating short selling and generating income.

Analyze the use of margin trading to amplify returns (and risks) in various market conditions.

Identify the function of market makers and their contribution to market liquidity


Module 1: Short Selling

Definition and Rationale

Mechanics of Short Selling

Risks and Rewards

Case Study 


Module 2: Securities Lending 


Market Participants

Benefits and Risks

Securities Lending Process


Module 3: Margin Trading

Concept and Leverage

Margin Requirements

Margin Calculations

Risk Management


Module 4: Market Making 

Function and Role

Market Making Strategies

Regulation and Oversight

Impact on Market Efficiency

Course Wrap-up & Q&A 

Review Key Concepts

Open Discussion and Q&A


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