Training Programs

Enterprise Risk Management

Day 1

Session 1: Introduction to ERM


Enterprise Risk Management Defined

Achievement of Objectives

Components of Enterprise Risk Management

Relationship of Objectives and Components

Encompasses Internal Control



Session 2: Risk Management Framework


Major Types of Risks in Financial Institutions:

Credit Risk

Operational Risk

Market Risk

Liquidity Risk

Governance/Regulatory Risk

Risk management process

Risk Management Tools & Techniques

Risk identification and mitigation techniques

Capital Adequacy and Basel Concept

Stress Testing

Hedging and diversification

Internal Controls

Group Exercise: Calculating Capital Adequacy under multi-factor stress testing scenario



Day 2

Session 3: ERM Framework


ERM Framework

COSO ERM framework

Goals of an ERM program

Common challenges in ERM implementation


Session 4: Implementing ERM


Effective Risk Monitoring, Metrics and Reporting Processes

Pragmatic Risk Appetite and Tolerance Framework Integration of Risk Management with Strategic Decision-Making
Management of Emerging and Interrelated Risks

Case Discussion: Implementing ERM framework


Session 5:The Risk Indicator


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