Tahir Mahmood heads the Business Development department of Nasdaq Dubai, overseeing all products offered by the exchange. His role revolves around creating new relationships with key stakeholders such as issuers, regulators, lawyers and bankers, to help the exchange grow. Tahir works with the team to bring new listings to the exchange, as well as offer new products to the market.

Tahir has had a key role in making Dubai the leading Sukuk listing venue globally by coordinating with issuers, regulators, lawyers and bankers.

Tahir joined Nasdaq Dubai in July 2013 and has spent most of his previous career working within the Islamic finance arena in London, Bahrain, Qatar and now Dubai. He has assisted commodity brokerage houses to establish operations in both London and Bahrain, specializing in Sharia’a-compliant commodity based financial products. Following this, Tahir oversaw the Islamic finance division of the Bahrain Financial Exchange as well as helped to market all of the exchange’s products.

Tahir holds a B.Sc in Business Computing from City University, London.