Ms. Nouran Youssef is a senior financial sector specialist at the Arab Monetary Fund working on policies advice for Debt & Sukuk Markets Development, Fintech, as well as Digital Transformation issues.  She is leading the Arab regional Fintech Working Group and its activities to enhance a proper Fintech ecosystem in Arab Countries.


Through her position in the Arab Monetary Fund, she is currently responsible of divers Fintech themes in Arab Countries, including regulatory & supervisory frameworks, innovation in Fintech products & services, as well as how to support Fintech activities through developing capacity of professionals in Arab countries.


She co-authored many Fintech publications, particularly in relation to designing Fintech Policies & Strategies, guidelines covering different Fintech aspects for the region, the Fintech Glossary as well as policy papers.


She has more than 18 years of experience in Capital Markets, Debt Management, as well as Debt & Sukuk Markets Development; through which she acquired different competencies that has been used to deliver practical experiences through Technical Assistance programmes and delivering training workshops.


Before joining the Arab Monetary, Ms. Nouran was the deputy debt manager at the Egyptian treasury, she was responsible for adapting a full debt markets’ reform agenda, managing and monitoring government securities portfolio, as well as managing public debt risks.


She has conducted research on different topics in Islamic and conventional Capital Markets, Debt Markets including sovereign debt markets development and debt management strategies in Arab countries, in addition to the role of capital markets in financing infrastructure.


Moreover, she holds a Doctorate of Business Administration from Cairo University. She also has a master’s Degree in finance from the same University.