Ahmad Hammouda is currently the CEO of Thndr, a fully licensed investment platform, that makes it easy to invest in stocks, bonds, and funds. Thndr aims at solving Egypt and the region’s painful, outdated and time consuming process to open, fund and actively manage investment accounts. Thndr is a Y Combinator backed investment platform. Thndr’s first product was commission free, mobile-first equities trading in Egypt. The startup acquired the necessary licensing from the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) in August 2020, making it the first company to receive a brokerage license in Egypt since 2008.

Prior to founding Thndr, Hammouda used to be the General Manager of Uber in Egypt, managing the strategic operations, marketing, and growth of one of the company’s most important markets globally.

Under Hammouda’s realm, Uber Egypt’s bookings grew by 65% YoY, making Cario the biggest market in Europe, Middle East and Africa in terms of trips. With a deep belief in Uber’s vision to disrupt and revolutionize the transportation landscape in Egypt and the Middle East; one of the key questions that Hammouda has been focused on is how to best integrate the existing, and at times complex transportation framework, within the app, so that Uber’s technology can be accessible to as many people as possible, and in the process re shaping Egypt as an innovation hub.

Hammouda joined the Uber team in 2017, focusing on strategy and planning, while working closely with the regional and mega-regional teams. He is passionate about utilizing innovation to create diverse economic opportunities to empower thousands of Egyptians who were previously unemployed.

Hammouda was previously Vice President at CI Capital Investment Banking, where he distinguished himself in the Merger and Acquisitions department.

Hammouda is a co-founder of The Food Company, where he was actively involved in launching its first concept, APRON, the first branded delivery food platform that delivers home-inspired food.

Hammouda is a CFA member, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The American University in Cairo.