Capacity Building

AFCM Training and Development Unit is the leading training entity in the capital market industry in the region. We offer awareness-based training programs, that upscale your teams’ and senior management’s performance through virtual, onsite and self-paced learning sessions.

In this era of massive transformation, we succeeded in integrating Learning & Development into the working environments of the capital and financial markets across the Arab region. One of our core values is providing the best financial education, by partnering with top-notch international learning providers and consultants to cater to our members’, affiliates’ and the public’s ever-growing needs. Another key area we focus on is raising awareness about the new practices, developments, opportunities and challenges affecting the landscape of the financial world by hosting and managing virtual and onsite webinars, events and awareness campaigns.

We aim at helping our clients incorporate and profit from the changes and innovations that are shaping the future of the Financial Services Industry by providing vibrant learning experiences with an international certificate.