Integrated Arab capital markets are at the heart of building resilience. Scale and depth matter, as does a common regulatory framework. Capital markets are vital to fund the transformation of our economies and infuse a healthy bounce back following recovery from Covid-19 impact. When technology, finance, integration, and sustainability unite around a common purpose, the consequences of an efficient and well-integrated Arab capital markets can be far-reaching.

We look forward to welcoming our distinguished audience comprised of representatives from capital markets, fund and asset management industries, institutional investors, policy makers, and regulators across the region in the upcoming AFCM Annual Conference: Bahrain 2022 to be hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain by Bahrain Bourse during the period 29-30 March 2022, as we take over the presidency from colleagues at Tadawul.

We believe that whilst financial institutions can and should provide a good share of funding towards post Covid-19 recovery roadmap, capital markets can provide innovative tools to close the investment gap. Capital markets are better suited to financing projects with a defined purpose, directly linking investors to the impact they intend to achieve. And they are also better at drawing retail investors towards supporting transformative activities. During our presidency of the AFCM, we will continue to work closely with all members to promote the AFCM’s development and support its strategy in ensuring a well-connected and integrated Arab capital markets.