Qatar Stock Exchange Organizes Investor Relations Training Course for Listed Companies
Sep 17, 2019
Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE), in association with Maroon Capital, today starteda three-day Investor Relations (IR) training program in Doha with the expertinput of the UK IR Society, which delivers their program on global basis havinghighly qualified and reputable trainers.
The training program, which was held at the JW Marriott with theparticipation of representatives from more than 20 listed companies, will lastuntil Thursday, September 19th. The event is aimed at enhancing theskills needed to manage investor relations in the financial markets inaccordance with the international best practices, as well as allowingparticipants to demonstrate the essential knowledge of the financial and marketenvironment, the regulatory and reporting requirements for listed companies andtheir sound understating of the principles of IR.
This training program is of particular importance to the listedcompanies as it constitutes their readiness to abide by the rules of investorrelations adopted by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority, which will beeffective from the beginning of October.
The training program includes a number of lectures covering varioussubjects on the IR practices including the principles of IR and why companiesneed it, the public company structure and concept of corporate governance,insight into the IR within the financial market environment, and understandingkey stakeholders and IR’s role in building relationships. The program alsocovers the regulatory environment in the market, investment issues related tothe buy-side and sell side, as well as the role of media in investment process. 
Participants will later be subjected to examination that will allow themto earn the International Certification in Investor Relations, which is aninternationally recognized qualifications for the investor relations professionwhich allows successful candidate to demonstrate the essential knowledge of thefinancial and market environment, the regulatory and reporting requirements forlisted companies and their sound understating of the principles of IR.