Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Organizes Lectures Titled “Safe Investments in Securities Exchange”
Apr 08, 2019
The Majlis Affairs Office of The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court organized a lecture in coordination with Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the region's leading financial market, titled “Safe Investments in Securities Exchange” in the Al Rumaithat Majlis, Al Samha. ADX Assistant Chief Executive, Mr. Abdulaziz ALNeaimi, presented the lecture in accordance with the Exchange’s commitment to increase investor awareness. Giving investors the opportunities to invest their saving and funds in Securities, to support Abu Dhabi’s plan in developing the economic climate of the Emirate to attract and increase safe investments.” This lecture is considered the third lecture ADX conducted this year, keeping in mind that ADX has presented several others last year in collaboration with the Majlis Affairs Office of The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court.

Mr. ALNeaimi stated, “ADX is committed to enhance community outreach with investors in Securities Exchange, to raise awareness of the importance of saving towards the better means of investment to ensure safe and secure returns.”

Mr. ALNeaimi added, “Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has recently approved a new strategic initiative that aims to increase investor knowledge through educating the public about the several investment options available in our national Securities Exchange, and identify the most important financial tools and regulations in force and listed companies in the domestic Securities Exchange.

Chief Executive  Assistant  explained  that the presence of  investors’ serve as the backbone of the companies they invest in; they have entrusted their funds and saving to those companies in order to participate in developing the national economy and receive a return from that investment. Investing in one of the companies that is listed in the Securities Exchange gives that investor numerous rights laid out by the legislations that govern capital markets that, the security exchange market seeks to frequently educate the investor about.