With the attendance of the Minister of Industry, Commerce & Tourism, C5 Accelerate hosts Bahrain Bourse as part of their Policy Hack Series
Mar 27, 2019
C5 Accelerate, in partnership with Tamkeen, hosted Sheikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim AlKhalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse for the fifth edition of C5’s POLICY HACK series.  The event, which took place on Tuesday, March 26 at the Cloud10 campus in Sanabis, discussed how the Fourth Industrial Revolution combined with effective regulation and supervision, can expand the scope, scale, and reach of financial services and startups in particular.
Sheikh Khalifa addressed Bahrain Bourse’s role in enabling high growth businesses, regulations related to listing such companies on the stock exchange, and how that relates to strengthening the entrepreneurial landscape and contributing to economic growth.
Sheikh Khalifa also touched on the investor-centric services that Bahrain Bourse is currently offering or planning to roll-out, especially through the launch of myShare Card, along with BHB’s collaboration with various retail banks to offer the Bahrain Trade Platform to their respective clients..
Sh. Khalifa commented, “Over the past couple of years, Bahrain Bourse has focused its efforts to adopt digital transformation strategies and practices in order to facilitate investors’ access to the market and thereby enhance the liquidity of the market and enable achievement of a market status upgrade.”
“BHB’s recent initiatives, including the online trading platform (Bahrain Trade), and myShare card all go in line with our efforts to develop the investment environment in securities by benefiting from the facilities provided by technology and applying best practices. Further, the revamp of BIM in collaboration with Tamkeen has enabled us to expedite and govern the process of listing more effectively which have produced efficient results immediately.”
The event ended with an open Q&A session with the startup community and networking opportunities.
Hadyah Fathalla, Executive Director of C5 Accelerate, commented: “Funding and access to capital remains a real challenge for growing Bahraini companies so it is exciting to see Bahrain Bourse innovating its approach to equity markets. The Bourse is increasingly becoming a critical component of the entrepreneurship landscape in Bahrain, especially for growth companies and startups looking to scale, and that is a promising development. We are honored to host Sheikh Khalifa this evening and hope that these discussions will strengthen our understanding and ability to collaboratively build innovative and alternative growth options for growing businesses from Bahrain and beyond”
This event was planned ahead of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) spearheaded by Tamkeen from 15th to 18th April 2019. GEC is a global gathering of entrepreneurs, policymakers, startups and investors with the aim to gain insights into new policy ideas, provide startups with the knowledge on how to scale new ventures and to provide valuable networking opportunities.