Boursa Kuwait Launches Market Makers Rules and Engages Stakeholders through Public Consultation

Boursa Kuwait Launches Market Makers Rules and Engages Stakeholders through Public Consultation

Boursa Kuwait launched Market Makers Rules, on Boursa Kuwait's website and called on stakeholders for a market wide consultation. The consultation will run until 11 October, 2016 where feedback will be collated and analyzed by Boursa Kuwait to derive optimal results.
The launch of the Market Maker Rules draft and consultation exercise comes in line with the company’s efforts to establish and roll out a transparent approach in regards to all market related developments. The exercise will allow stakeholders to engage with Boursa Kuwait by sharing perspectives and opinions on the contents of this significant tool.
Commenting on this event, Boursa Kuwait Vice Chairman and CEO, Mr. Khaled Abdulrazzaq AlKhaled said: “The launch of the Market Maker Rules draft is a significant step towards improving market performance. By sharing this with our stakeholders, we are gauging the degree to which this draft addresses market needs, and more importantly, allowing space for improvement. This is an ideal process that will allow us to introduce a series of successful tools and solutions in the short and long term, and ensure that transparency is at the core of all our operations”.
Boursa Kuwait was founded in an effort to bring positive change to the stock market, through the wide pool of internal resources and expertise that work towards developing an exchange that operates to world-class standards. This entails the development of investment tools, restructuring the market to increase its competitiveness, working to increase liquidity and attract investments.
“Today Boursa Kuwait stands as an independent private company, after obtaining the official license to replace and take over the Kuwait stock market, following CMA’s official announcement on 3 October, 2016. This announcement has not only reinforced our position as the State of Kuwait’s stock exchange, but has also pushed our strategy forward into full gear, allowing Boursa Kuwait to move onto the next phase of planning and execution. This is only the beginning, and we are certain of the change that can be achieved, through Boursa Kuwait’s ongoing collaboration with stakeholders and the CMA and other regulators.”  Mr. AlKhaled added.
The company’s official logo, which is in the form of an astrolabe, was revealed following the official CMA announcement, representing the company’s clear direction and approach and highlighting its independent corporate identity. 



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