Bahrain Bourse Launches its New Website

Bahrain Bourse Launches its New Website

Bahrain Bourse (BHB) announced on Sunday, 3rd July 2016 the launch of its new website The new website encompasses various improvements and enhancements in terms of design and content that can help users and improves their browsing mechanism by making it more interactive and facilitates the searching process on static pages or pages containing dynamic statistical data.
The new website was launched with a new look and boasts a modern, colorful design with characteristics similar to that of advanced stock exchanges. The website displays the main data of BHB and its listed companies in detail, and presents BHB’s various services in a professional manner.
Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse said that the launch of the new version of the website goes in line with the implementation of BHB’s comprehensive strategy that aims to develop all aspects of work at the bourse, and this milestone represents a unique focal change that we all at BHB are proud of.
“While developing the design of the new website, we were keen to use the latest technology in this field to transfer BHB, through its new website, from a traditional website with information about the bourse to an advanced and innovative website with an interactive interface that provides comprehensive solutions to its clients. Issuers of securities, investors, and other related parties can easily find all the data, information, and documents that can help them benefit from the services provided by BHB, and assists them in making decisions regarding their investment portfolios that contain financial instruments listed at the bourse based on up-to-date, reliable and credible information,” Sh. Khalifa added.
  “We have cooperated with specialized companies, both in technical analysis and financial and economic news to enhance the content of the website and maximize its benefits to users.  We hope that the website contributes to facilitating the accessibility of investors from all over the world to Bahrain Bourse and benefit from the services and opportunities available. The launch of the website goes in line with BHB’s various initiatives that were introduced in the past couple of years to make it more competitive in attracting local and foreign investments,” Sh. Khalifa added.
 Bahrain Bourse’s new website encompasses various information, data, and services along with advanced searching tools that helps save time and enhances the decision-making process for related parties by displaying tables of prices, performance of shares, indices, and an information board. The website also offers technical analysis and quick access to advanced charts for share prices for durations up to three years by using advanced technology provided by “NetDania”, one of the globally leading companies in the field of analysis.
The new website allows investors to create their own page and customize it to directly view their portfolios and any shares, bonds/sukuk, and Treasury Bills deposited in the account. Investors can also see the transactions they have made, and use an electronic calculator to calculate the fees related to the settlement and central depository.
Users can also view the latest news regarding companies’ disclosures, market messages issued by the bourse, as well as the latest GCC, Arab, and global financial news that are displayed in cooperation with CNBC News, one of the leading channels for economic and financial news. In addition, the website allows investors to view detailed information about their orders according to price and volume as well as detailed tables on transactions according to price, volume, and timing.


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