The Egyptian Exchange Makes Adjustments in its HR Hierarchy for the Better Use of Its Manpower

The Egyptian Exchange Makes Adjustments in its HR Hierarchy for the Better Use of Its Manpower

Within the framework of the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) attempts to maximize the human resources’ utilization and to provide the greatest benefits to its clients and to the various market parties, EGX decided today to perform a series of structural changes in the listing and Over-The-Counter (OTC) sectors. According to those changes, Mr. Magdy Shehata will hold the post of listing general manager, while Mr. Tarek Ibrahim will be a general manager in the OTC sector, and Mr. Mohammad El Sayyad will be back to his technical and advisory duties.

Changes also include the transfer of some of the listing sector employees to the OTC sector and vice versa, moreover to re-organize the work in those sectors in accordance with the previous amendments.
From another perspective, EGX plans to develop a way to investigate the extent of customers’ satisfaction about the services offered in listing and OTC sectors as they are the sectors that mostly deal with the market’ parties, through a model to measure the service’ quality that are regularly presented to EGX chairman in order to avoid any obstacles and to solve them quickly.
EGX management explained that the change aims to inject new blood in both sectors to achieve the greatest benefit for them as they present two important axes of EGX work and they are related to a large segment of investors and companies.
EGX stated that the change is an ongoing and dynamic process and help to enrich the work system continuously, which will influence the stock market and the different market parties, and emphasizes the focus on EGX’ main role in facilitating the attraction of companies and to provide funding for them, along with emphasizing directly with the new leadership on the need to adopt a flexible strategy with the listed companies or those interested in listing as well as investors in accordance with the rules and regulations.



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