Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Welcomes Strategic Partners and Media Representatives to Suhoor

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Welcomes Strategic Partners and Media Representatives to Suhoor

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) organized a suhoor for its strategic partners and media representatives. The suhoor took place at the Emirates Palace Hotel’s Ramadan tent. It aimed to enhance the communication channels between both parties, and continue to ensure a positive working environment based on the values of partnership between them.
H.E. Khalifa Al Mansouri, Acting Chief Executive of the ADX, attended the event alongside members of ADX’s executive management, heads of department, and department managers as well as key personnel from listed companies and brokerage firms.
On the occasion, H.E. Al Mansouri stated that the holy month of Ramadan enriches the spirit of participation, tolerance and sense of communal responsibility amongst us. We are delighted to host such events that include our clients and partners who are key to our success; their support and contribution plays a vital role in attaining the vision we aspire to achieve.
Furthermore, H.E. Al Mansouri reiterated the keenness of the Exchange to strengthen the social ties with the representatives of various institutions, strategic partners and the media. Hence, these informal meetings are held with the purpose of providing a friendly environment that contributes to enhancing the overall quality of work and improving the services provided, through discussing new proposals and opinions in addition to ways we can boost communication between us as a whole. He explained that such meetings are a practical reflection of the directives of the wise leadership of the UAE, which, constantly emphasize the importance of cooperation between institutions in all sectors.
During the event, H.E. Al Mansouri, addressed the attendees thanking them for their continuous participation in these social gathering, highlighting the pivotal role they play in achieving the strategic objectives of the Exchange.
The attendees enjoyed the Ramadan spirit that defined the atmosphere of the evening, and the social setting of the event, which, is in contrast to the formal office setting they are accustomed to being in.



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