The Egyptian Exchange Chairman Participates in British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) Conference
Apr 02, 2019
Mr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, EGX chairman, participated at the "BEBA HealthCare, New Frontiers for Egypt" conference organized by the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) on Monday to discuss challenges and development facing the health sector in Egypt.

The conference was attended by the Dr. Mohamed Moaat, Minister of Finance, Dr. Ziad Bahaa Eldin, former deputy prime ministry, business representatives  from the UK, ambassadors of the UK, Cyprus and Singapore in Egypt, members of the Egyptian parliament and a number of business sector representative as well officials from the health sectors.

Mr. Farid stated that The Egyptian Exchange has expanded its communication channels with all related parties to introduce new trading mechanisms & financial instruments to the market among which are; derivatives market, market maker and short selling. 

He added that the health industry in Egypt has a great opportunity to expand and develop due to the population in Egypt along with the bold economic reforms implemented by the Egyptian government which contributes to the stability of the macroeconomic indicator as well increased the participation  of the private sector in the economic activities. He assured that the Egyptian capital market aims to help in the development of private companies through listing in EGX.

Finally, Mr. Farid presented the value chain method applied by EGX in order to achieve the best possible performance hence improve the supply-side of the market, increase the level and quality of disclosures, as well as facilitate trading and implementing new trading tools. On the demand-side, increase the level of financial culture and awareness to attract more investors.

Finally enhancing the trading environment through introducing new trading and financial mechanisms in order to increase the trading and liquidity of the market.