Thomas Murray Upgraded Bahrain Bourse’s rating from A-“Stable” to AA-“Positive”

Thomas Murray Upgraded Bahrain Bourse’s rating from A-“Stable” to AA-“Positive”

Thomas Murray upgraded Bahrain Bourse’s rating from CSD Rating: A-, CSD Flash Impact: “Stable”, to CSD Rating: AA-, Flash Impact: “Positive”. This credit goes to the success of the Bourse in converting all of the listed companies in the Bourse from paper certificates to electronic records and depositing them in the Bourse’s central depository system.
Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, CEO of Bahrain Bourse was pleased with this accomplishment achieved by the Bourse, as it reflects the Bourse’s commitment in adopting the international standards within its various operations, assuring that this accomplishment will encourage the Bourse to accomplish more remarkable achievements that enhance BHB’s position and increase its competitiveness to both investors and issuers.
Shaikh Khalifa also added that the Bourse will witness several stages of development in many areas of its operations in the near future, making it more competent in participating in the development of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s capital market through offering diversified and professional services to different sectors and individuals who are interested and involved in this vibrant and vital segment of Bahrain’s economy.  
Thomas Murray is one of the leading and well-known international data services firms that evaluate financial institutions and offer clienteles products and services to supplement their internal resources, meet regulatory duties and decrease costs, as well as assess the risks involved in many financial markets. In addition, Thomas Murray evaluates the risks involved in the central depository of stock exchanges from many aspects focusing on the specific standards by the risk regulatory to specify the general evaluation regarding this matter.
It is worth mentioning that the Chairman of the Bourse issued Resolution No. (5) in November 2015 that requires all listed shareholding companies on the Bourse to take the necessary procedures to amend their status in line with the amendments stated in the resolution, which includes registering and depositing the issued shares in the Clearing, Settlement, Central Depository & Registry System in the Bourse, provided that the establishment and management of the shareholders’ record in the company is in line with the electronic registry system licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain and approved by the Bourse.


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