Launching the First Trading Session of OTC Market at the Amman Stock Exchange

Launching the First Trading Session of OTC Market at the Amman Stock Exchange

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Nader Azar declared that on Thursday 4th August 2016, the first trading session of Over- The- Counter (OTC) Market was launched which came as a result with the enforcement of "The Regulating Directives for Trading in Unlisted Securities for the Year 2016" and" Listing Securities Directives for the year 2016".
Azar added that the trading volume for the first trading session reached JD (65.4) thousand and the number of traded shares reached (1.8) million shares executed through (180) contract. Meanwhile, (9) companies had been traded out of the (28) companies which are allowed to be traded at the OTC Market. Noting that the prices of all companies' shares that were allowed to be traded through that market were floated, and the price discovery mechanism was left to supply and demand forces at the market.
It's worth mentioning that the OTC Market was introduced to give an opportunity for shareholders of unlisted and suspended companies to sell their shares according to supply and demand and market forces through a specific market on the Electronic Trading System that is efficient and transparent, where the interested parties can watch, sell and buy through their certified broker.

The ASE had created at its website a special menu containing all related information related to this market.
 For more information about the OTC Market at the ASE, please visit the following links:



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