Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Launches New York Roadshow

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Launches New York Roadshow

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) will organize its first roadshow for the year 2017 in New York City this week on the 8th and 9th of May accompanied by a number of its listed companies. The roadshow will enable ADX listed companies to engage with potential new investors, fund managers, asset management companies to inform them about their growth strategies and recent developments.
The roadshow will also provide a chance for ADX to demonstrate the range of opportunities available on the Exchange as well as provide international investors with insight into ADX’s operations and future development plans. ADX and its listed companies are expected to meet with around 50 institutional investors from various asset management companies and hedge funds.
The roadshow this week comes after previous roadshows organized by ADX since 2007 in London, New York, and the Far East. Organizing and hosting the roadshow is part of ADX strategic initiatives in attracting and activating a wider range of investors, as well as part of ADX commitment to Abu Dhabi Plan in developing the financial services sector in the Emirate. 


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