Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Announces that it has Joined the International Securities Services Association (ISSA)

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Announces that it has Joined the International Securities Services Association (ISSA)

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the region's leading financial market, announced recently that it has joined The International Securities Services Association (ISSA), thus becoming the first financial market in the MENA region to become a member of the renowned organization. This new membership affirms ADX keenness to align its regulatory practices with those of international financial markets. It also assures ADX’s commitment to promote financial stability and growth in the emirate by maintaining the highest standards of practice in financial services as part of its commitment to Abu Dhabi Plan and towards the continuous development of financial performance.
Furthermore, the membership comes as a recognition from the ISSA to the achievements of the Exchange in terms of contributing to the promotion of capital market capabilities in the UAE.  Consequently, enhancing ADX’s position through allowing further interaction with its peers in the financial industry and among market participants.
The ISSA membership will provide ADX with the opportunity to benefit from the economic and financial research and analysis provided by the renowned organization to its members as it offers comprehensive assessment of the global outlook with a focus on key emerging economies, timely analysis of capital flows to emerging markets and developments in international financial markets. Consequently allowing ADX to achieve one of its main priorities in the Abu Dhabi Plan, which is contributing to the development of the financial services sector in the emirate.  It will also enable ADX to promote the investment opportunities available in the emirate in general and ADX in particular at the international level through continuous communication with members of the Institute of asset managers and investment funds.
It’s worth mentioning that International Securities Services Association is a neutral non-profit association domiciled in Zurich (Switzerland). It was established in 1979. Currently, it has more than 110 member institutions such as custodian banks, clearing organisations, central depositories, stock exchanges, brokers and asset managers in around 50 countries. ISSA objectives are contribution to standardization, raising awareness, disseminating market knowledge, and defining best practices.



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