Tunis Stock Exchange

Tunis Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange is the place where investors buy and sell capital equities or debt securities issued by companies, the State and local collectivities. As a market it ensures the liquidity of the securities held by the investors. This liquidity provides the issuers with funds necessary to increase their expansion by calling for public shareholding. For this purpose, the Stock Exchange constitutes one of the major sources of financing the economy.

The management of the Tunisian transferable securities market by:
  • The admission of new securities to the Stock Exchange official list;
  • The organization of exchanges and the quotation of securities under the best conditions of fairness, safety and transparency;
  • The diffusion of exchange information.
The promotion and the improvement of the exchange market.
The Stock Exchange official list is reserved for the negotiation of securities which meet the admission requirements provided for in the Stock Exchange regulations. It includes the following markets:
  • The Principal Market reserved for the large and high performance companies;
  • The Alternative Market reserved for small and medium-sized companies which have promising prospects;
  • The Bond Market reserved for the negotiation of debt securities.
The parallel market is opened to the securities of pubic shareholding companies not admitted to the Stock Exchange official list.
The transactions on the securities of private shareholding companies are subject to a formality of registration at the Stock Exchange.
More Information on the Tunis Stock Exchange Website at http://www.bvmt.com.tn/.

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