About Tunis Stock Exchange
Market Capitalization of TSE in 2019
The Market capitalization of the Tunis Stock Exchange marked 8,435.20
Million USD in December 2019, higher than the market capitalization of Beirut Stock Exchange which marked 7,730.89 Million USD by the end of 2019.
Tunis also recorded market capitalization higher than that of Damascus
Securities Exchange which was 2,060.68 Million USD, Khartoum Stock
Exchange which recorded 1,062.36 Million USD, and Palestine Exchange
that is 3,692.61 Million USD.

About Arab Federation of Exchanges
The Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE) was established
in June 1978 by the League of Arab States. It is the official
Regional Federation representing the Arab Exchanges and
works in close cooperation with the World Federation of
Exchanges (WFE) and the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock
Exchanges (FEAS).
The Mission of the Arab Federation of Exchanges is to create
a transparent and developed environment for the Arab
Capital Markets.


Tunisia will host during the month of March, the 45th edition of the annual meeting of the Arab Federation of Exchanges. This major event will offer Tunisia new investment opportunities, and it will strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of the Tunisian Financial Market at the international level in order to attract international investors.
This edition will focus on ESG’s in Arab Exchanges and also digitalization and role of Fintech in the development of financial markets.
On behalf of myself and the Tunisian government, I am honored to invite you to attend  AFE Annual Conference 2020 on our beloved country

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